About Us

Off Road Club “Kamo Oko Vidi” was established in 2005 in Buzet. Although, we could say it all started in the nineties.

That was the time when the president of the club, Mr. Gordan Krota started some of the first competitions.

Races were a part of the Croatian championship and were organized by the Auto-Moto Club “Pinguentum”.

After a lot of racing and recreational weekend off roading a group of friends and enthusiasts became the bedrock of the club.

So they gathered for a weekend ride once and asked themselves – “Where are we going today?”, the answer was – “Kamo Oko Vidi!” (“Wherever the eye can reach”)

In the following years (late 90s and beginning of 2000s) members were competing throughout Croatia, Slovenia and Italy.

Two years after the official establishment of the club, Croatian off road championship was organized for the first time (2007).

Members of the club were actively involved in all the competitions and they were successful in both hard and Soft class until the end of the championship in 2011.

The “Wild Boar Valley Challenge” Race was held in 2007 for the first time.

It was then a part of the Croatia Championship.

In 2010 it became international due to active involvement of teams from Slovenia, Italy, Hungary, Austria, Germany and other European countries.

As the years went by, the race has become an important event on the off roading scene of Europe.

It is now certain that WBVC ( Wild Boar Valley Challenge ) is now one of the most challenging races in Europe.

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