Sponsor of the WBVC – Donkey Beadlocks

We had a fair share of sponsors during the last 10 years of the Wild Boar Valley Challenge. But things have changed for 2016 edition. Don’t get me wrong, all the sponsors are still with us and ready to back up our race but… All in all, it is important for us (and you) to gather quality OFF ROAD sponsors, after all, it is a 4×4 race. So for this year we prepared a number of sponsors ready to provide you with the best aftermarket parts in Europe! Today, we are presenting you Donkey internal beadlocks!

The Donkey Beadlock system is like a tire in the tire. It divides the tire into two chambers separated from one another lying in the lower and upper region.
The outer / upper part of the tire is over supplied via the air duct / Bypass on Beadlock with air.

The tire pressure can go from (3 bar) to low pressure in extreme terrain (0,4 bar). it cany vary a lot.
It is necessary to drill an additional hole in the rim around the tube that sits inside the bead lock to inflate it with air.

Internal Donkey beadlock system is relatively easy to understand, but it is also very efficient. When inflated, the smaller tube pushes the tyre to the edges of the wheels and doesn’t let the tyre to slip out of the rim. Even when the tyre is less inflated and under extreme load.

There are two important things about Donkey beadlocks 

  • normal aluminium or steel wheel can be used (all you have to do is drill one more hole to inflate the tube/beadlock)

  • balancing of wheels is not a problem at all


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