Sponsor of the WBVC – Istrialand.eu

We had a fair share of sponsors during the last 10 years of the Wild Boar Valley Challenge. But things have changed for 2016 edition. Don’t get me wrong, all the sponsors are still with us and ready to back up our race but…

All in all, it is important for us (and you) to gather quality OFF ROAD sponsors, after all, it is a 4×4 race. So for this year we prepared a number of sponsors ready to provide you with the best aftermarket parts in Europe! Today, we are presenting you Istrialand.eu!

Istrialand is an agency specialized in outdoor adventures at various locations (Africa, Balkans, Istria etc.). Francesco Meriani and Antonela Gardos have been doing the job for 20 years. It is a long tradition with excellent quality!

It all started in 1996, after Yugoslavia fell apart, Franz and Antonela started with organization of off road adventures all over Croatia and ex Yugoslavia.

After some time and experience, they now offer MTB and Enduro tours. Whether you want it soft or hard, they have it.

A great off road choice is available. Such as 6 Nations Raid Trieste-Tirana or Balkan Express Tirana – Sofia, or maybe Plitvice!

Their complete offer now:

  • “Al Merlo Olivo”, Bed and Breakfast with an  active “full of fun” weekend or vacation

  • 4×4, enduro or MTB adventures

  • Wine, honey, olive oil tasting. Visiting some of the most beautiful (but forgotten) places in Istria

  • Istrian cooking workshop

Franz and Antonela, are the founders of Istrialand. We are native istrians and expert of this region and generally lont time travellers in the western Balkans.


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