Sponsors of the WBVC 2016 (off road merchandise)

We are proud to announce we have received multiple sponsor offers from Europe. We chose sponsors from France, Italy and Germany. With our full time sponsors, this will be a nice addition since all three chosen companies are into off roading. Multiple vouchers of up to 600 euro will make you very happy.

Bear in mind that there is still 10 months left before the race, so there’s plenty of time to get more … And we will get them.

Our full time existing sponsors are:
Montona Gallery, Restaurant Mondo, Kamo Oko Vidi off road tuning, Extreme4x4.eu off road media, City of Buzet and Buzet Tourist office, RN Mobil, Flego Gradnja and Alu-Rad.

Our new sponsors eagerly waiting to give you the prizes are:

Euro4x4parts – probably the biggest off road shop in Europe, in France for sure. Huge variety of 4×4 parts. And everything covered with mutiple brands!logo_euro4x4parts2
Traction4x4 – off road shop from Italy, they have a wide choice of off road equipment but they will also happily provide you their high quality custom made XT Automotive off road equipment.
Istrialand off road – Croatian based company offering a wide choice of off road travel and short off road trips. Africa and Europe – they have it all!

Donkey off road – they’re specialized in building internal beadlock systems. Donkey Beadlocks will obviously give you something related to their production line. High quality stuff made in Germany


We are reminding you that it is easy to register for the Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016 – just click on this link !

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