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Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2015 Race

The Balkans. The land of great off roads. Wild Boar Valley Challenge, although not very famous, is probably one of 5 hardest races in that part of Europe. Yes, Croatian mud at Croatia Trophy is legendary. But at Wild Boar Valley Challenge in Buzet (Istria), you’ll experience seven days of mud, rocks, stones, sand and marl.

Only the strongest will finish the competition. Do not forget, off roading can be very selective. The survival of the fittest is a rule here. With more than 100 km of roadbook each day, you’ll have plenty of time to present yourself at the Wild Boar Valley Challenge.

The ORGA from the “Kamo Oko Vidi” off road club emphasize each year that this is not a competition where your vehicle will prevail. You will have to use your skills along with your vehicle. Perfect cooperation of team members and a bit of luck – will make you a winner of the Wild Boar Valley Challenge.

On the other hand, if you are nearby but don’t want to compete, there will be plenty of places along the roadbook routes where the visitors are located.

Anyway, here is the Facebook page of the Wild Boar Valley Challenge where you can contact them. Or just leave them an e-mail for all the details gordankrota@yahoo.com