the Welsh Xtrem – partner WBVC 2016

Its been a while since we updated everyone on the on going activities but you all will be pleased to know Welsh Xtrem is making progress.
The format was released and is available for viewing this giving people a insight into what this years event is about and thus after much discussion hopefully bring the event back to its initial aim.

As you already know, Welsh Xtrem will be partnering in 2016 with the Wild Boar Valley Challenge. The winner of the Welsh Xtrem will get a free participation for the Wild Boar valley Challenge. It is a great opportunity for us to attract competitors from UK. Wild Boar Valley Challenge is a high quality race, but UK is pretty far away so it’s not easy to come here.

The Welsh Xtrem is a very well known race, they accept only 30 teams and the places are taken. There’s some strong names on the list. Also, five teams on the reserve list are an important proof the Welsh Xtrem is a high quality race, just like the Wild Boar valley Challenge.

Well, we’ll see what happens! The Welsh Xtrem will be held from 4th to 6th of March 2016!

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