Welsh Xtrem to give a free participation for WBVC 2016

After a few years of relatively low number of teams competing at the Wild Boar Valley Challenge, this edition opened our minds and eyes. We realized that the Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2016 has an opportunity to gather a huge number of international teams.

A few quads competed at the Wild Boar Valley Challenge 2015 and a few 4×4 drivers gave up after they realized their car isn’t equipped good enough for the Challenge (lighter) class.
That is why we prepared 2 classes (both quad and 4×4) for next year, with precisely defined rules. The Wild Trophy class will more or less look the same (see photos from 2015). For the 4×4 vehicles in the Challenge class winches are mandatory, AT tires are mandatory, but MT tires are strongly recommended. Lift is needed, whether you like it or not (but not mandatory).

As a part of our marketing campaign that will gather a bigger number of teams, we decided to promote the Wild Boar Valley Challenge on some events in Europe. For starters, at the Welsh Xtrem (see website) will give a free participation for the WBVC 2016. If you are there at Welsh Xtrem from 6th to 8th of March 2016, you can contact any of the marshals and register through a printed flyer they will give you. They will send us your data, so we can contact you for further details.

If you want to make it simpler – just go to the registration form on this website. Thank you for your time and see you at the WBVC 2016. !!!
Kamo Oko Vidi off road club
TEXT: Emilio Mocibob
PHOTO: Inge Bloeming
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